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At Kelly Vision Center, we have provided Goodlettsville residents with reliable optometry services for many years. Many of our patients visit us for the first time seeking treatment for computer vision syndrome. Read on to learn more about what causes computer vision syndrome and how we treat it.


What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome, often known as digital eye strain, is an ocular condition that results from prolonged computer use. Many people experience discomfort and vision issues while looking at digital screens for long periods.

Diagnosing Computer Vision Syndrome

The symptoms of computer vision syndrome will be determined through a thorough eye examination. Testing might include a discussion of your medical history and the symptoms you are experiencing. We will also ask you about the medicine you take and your environment. We will determine whether or not your vision difficulties are due to computer vision syndrome and recommend treatment accordingly.

Treating Computer Vision Syndrome

Individuals who do not require eyeglasses for other daily activities may find benefit from glasses that are made particularly for computer use. Individuals who are currently wearing glasses might discover that their present prescription is insufficient for viewing a computer. We may also recommend eye drops to restore moisture to your eyes. Lifestyle adjustments like improving your work ergonomics and taking frequent breaks can also prevent computer vision syndrome from returning.

Lenses required to meet the specific visual requirements of computer viewing may be necessary. Lenses may be designed to enhance visual abilities and comfort by utilizing various lens designs, powers, tints, or coatings. Visual training, also known as visual training, is a planned series of visual exercises that aims to improve eyesight. Eye exercises can be used to improve eye mobility, focusing, and teaming. Our eye doctor will determine the root cause of your computer vision symptoms and recommend treatment options accordingly.

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